Sea Change Project

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Our “Sea Change” exhibition is approaching on December 17th, and students are busy bringing their wood-working designs to life!

Our PBL Engineering students empower and inspire each other through design concepts, sketches, multi-criteria decision-making, 3D (printed) models, calculations of stability resistance, and safe use of hand tools. The students are collaborating more than ever, especially by leading younger students through professional project management techniques. Through continuous support and growth, our students are building the confidence that “I can do it! I can make this happen!"

我們的Sea Change Project展覽即將在12月17日舉行囉!學生們正努力將他們的木工設計變為真實的傢俱!我們PBL工程專業的學生透過設計概念、設計草圖、多方面決策、3D(列印)模型、穩定抵抗力的計算、安全使用工具,以及相互激發與啟發並一起努力做出成品。