#ArtRotation #DigitalArtFestival #LoveistheTheme

#培育創造力 #數位藝術節 #VIS高中部

For the first day of our new art rotation, Julia brought her Nurturing Creativity class to the thriving hub for all things creative - Songshan Cultural & Creative Park to view the Digital Art Festival, exhibiting for one week only. This year’s theme is on “Love”, however the participating artists may interpret that. We experienced works ranging from installation, video, image, sound, to interactive and textural sculptures - and even one that resembled a magic carpet ride. This exhibit’s format and mediums are very distant from what the students are familiar with. To quote one student - “I’m more used to paintings.” Trying new things, exploring the unknown, and challenging preconceived notions open up our minds to new worlds of possibilities - and that’s what nurturing creativity is all about!

在我們新的藝術活動的第一天,Julia老師帶著她的Nurturing Creativity Class帶到了蓬勃發展的創意活動中心-松山文創,觀看數位藝術節!今年的主題是“愛”。我們從裝置、影片、圖像、聲音到互動式的作品,甚至還有類似於魔術地毯的作品哦!該展覽的形式和媒介與學生們原本熟悉的類型相距甚遠。 引用一位學生的話說:“我好像更習慣繪畫了。”