VIS Student Art Exhibition & Project Launch Event

#VIS高中部 #Taipei_Spot #學生藝術展

7 talented students at VIS received the prestigious opportunity to exhibit at SPOT, a beautiful arts establishment in Taipei with a rich history. Their works differ greatly in styles and medium, and exhibit a diversity of perspectives and abilities that we nurture at VIS. By encouraging the students to create works that are most authentic to themselves, we got the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their hard work and talent. The students learned a lot of valuable lessons and insights from this experience, and they as well as other students at VIS are now inspired to pursue more experiences like this in the future. VIS supports each student’s passions and interests, and want to create opportunities that will benefit the journeys they are embarking on.

7位才華洋溢的VIS學生在SPOT台北光點展覽自己的藝術作品。台北光點是一個非常美麗的藝術場域,有著悠久的歷史。學生們的作品在風格和媒介上都有很大的不同,其中也展現了同學們在VIS培養的各種觀點和能力。這次通過鼓勵學生創作最真實的作品,得以欣賞他們認真創作和發揮才能的成果! 學生們從這次經歷中得到很多寶貴的經驗和見解。現在,VIS的所有學生們都更有動力和熱情,希望將來能有更多這樣的機會! VIS支持每個學生的熱情和興趣,並希望創造更多機會使他們在自己的人生旅途上受益。