VIS@Taiwanderful Recyling



VIS@Taiwanderful Recycling

Can you believe this skateboard is made out of recycled chopsticks? 

VIS visited Taiwanderful to understand how waste plastic can be sorted and shredded to make all kinds of materials to benefit the community. From 3D printing a surfboard to building local infrastructure with ecobricks... The possibilities to create with waste are endless!


VIS拜訪了 Taiwanderful Recycle Co“台灣得福”,並了解塑膠垃圾如何被分類、切碎再製成各種對社群有益的產品。從3D列印製作衝浪板,到使用環保磚搭建在地基礎設施⋯⋯ 利用廢棄物再生真的有無限的可能性!