Guest Speaker
Workshop with Director Hsu

我們很榮幸能邀請徐國峰(拉瓦)導演於3月 30日星期二晚上蒞臨VISJH國中部。拉瓦,以 《缺乏名字的場所》獲得2016年第53屆金馬獎最佳動畫短片獎,也是金馬獎創立動畫短片獎項的首位得主。拉瓦導演將與我們分享個人自學動畫的經歷,以及如何面對學習過程中所遇到的挑戰。大學所學為建築專業,拉瓦導演有其對藝術和設計的認知,並將與學生討論藝術可以如何傳遞訊息、如何影響感觀、以及呈現社會議題。

呼應本學期國中部《慈善與流浪動物》大型專案的主題,拉瓦導演的作品也同時提供學生們不同角度看待流浪動物這個議題。導演創作《缺乏名字的場所》的靈感來自於紐約攝影師Mary Shannon Johnstone的《Discarded Property》攝影集,一張張收容所裡被遺棄的流浪動物照片,讓導演對於動物們在 “人類的世界” 裡生活的形態和樣貌方面有了不一樣的觀察。導演將在會中與學生們做雙向討論,激發他們對此議題的想法和反思。同時,他也將和學生討論創作過程的專業步驟和思考模式,讓學生在本學期的媒體專案裡繼續鍛煉設計過程(design process)及設計思維(design thinking)。

附上拉瓦作品集的網站連結,供您參閱。 謝謝您。 

We are very honored to have the opportunity of inviting director Guo-Feng (Redic) Hsu as our guest speaker on the evening of March 30th (Tuesday). In 2016, he became the first winner of the Best Animated Short Film Award at the 53rd Golden Horse Awards for his animation film "Wander in the Dark". He will share with us his journey on becoming a self-taught animator, and how he overcame obstacles during his learning process. Having studied architecture in college, Director Hsu is deeply knowledgeable in the fields of art and design. He will lead a discussion with the students on how art can convey messages, influence people’s perceptions, and reveal social issues.

In correspondence with the theme of our main project for the upcoming semester, "Stray Animals and Charity", Director Hsu's work will provide students with a different perspective on the topic of stray animals. His animation " Wander in the Dark " was inspired by New York photographer Mary Shannon Johnstone's photo collection "Discarded Property", which featured photographs of abandoned stray animals in shelters. From these photographs, Director Hsu was able to observe the appearance and living style of stray animals in the "human world” from a different angle. During the two-way discussion process with our students, Director Hsu will attempt to stimulate students’ thoughts and reflect on this topic of stray animals. In addition, he will take the students through the professional steps of the design process and design thinking, allowing the students to be able to apply these knowledges when they work on their main semester project.  

The workshop will be held on March 30 from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. The venue will be at the VISJH classroom. We hope that all students can attend as this will be a very valuable learning experience.  
Attached for your reference below are links to Director Hsu’s bio and portfolio. Thank you. Happy Chinese New Year!