Junior High Project Mars
Our Program
VIS-JH Project Mars

The projects:

Climate education (Climate Startup Club) 
We cowork with senior high students and make impacts to climate education for Taiwanese students. We are compiling an eBook about global warming. Students select news articles with innovative solutions to the climate crisis, and design critical thinking questions together. Moreover, we are planning summer camp courses for young kids, and training ourselves by online credible climate certificate courses. Through the whole process, we keep strengthening the abilities of critical thinking, creative design. effective communication, and collaboration.

Universal Basic Income Campus Plan (UBI-Campus)
We cooperate with Association of UBI Taiwan and Timelinker startup to launch a digital campus experiment of UBI. We established an online bank. Students can unconditionally get paid 1,000 “Fire coins” everyday, and they can use it to exchange skills or create new services to sell online. We not only experience the future scenarios on campus now, but also have various critical thinking classes and writing on the UBI related topics, like poverty, decent work, economic growth, sustainable cities, justices, and happiness. We bring the future into our classroom, and build our students as the “shapers”.

Personal-Based Learning
Our learning coaches plan and encourage students to finish quality online courses of their individual interests from Coursera, edX, Udacity, or Udemy. With the coach process, students get certificates and have confidence to face more advanced learning when they go abroad. Through the process, we grow the students much more than traditional school ways, and they get the lifelong learning habits to conquer obstacles in the future.