Class at Junior High


Science class, the students learned about different types of forces. In addition, we carried out an activity that combined Science with physical exercise. The students were instructed to create a "human table".

This activity not only helped students better understand the concept of forces in equilibrium, but also gave them the opportunity to practice teamwork and train their core muscles.
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English (Reading)

"Choose Your Own Adventure" is a series of children's book where the reader assumes the role of the protagonist, and makes choices that determine the main character's actions and the plot's outcome.
The students took turns choosing their reading material from this series of books for their "Read Yourself" class time. Once they finish the book on hand, they can choose a new book.

Students learned how to use the sine function and modulo operator in JavaScript to program time-varying values. Then they used those values to make mind-bending animations! We're excited to see what they'll be capable of by the end of the school year. 


PE time: measuring students' physical capabilities and Dodgeball
How many push-ups (knee push-ups for girls) can you do?
How long can you hold the plank position?
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Whether we are drawing or filming, we have to think about the relationship between light and space.Shadows tell us about this relationship. To learn how to see scenes accurately, we practiced drawing still lifescenes in black and white just like art students in a first-year university class do. The students had to drawnot the objects as they imagine them but the shadows as they appear. At the same time, they were improvingtheir skills with the Inkscape vector image editor. We're going to apply these skills as we continue to developour 3D dog figures that we'll be printing on our 3D printer later this semester. ????????