Accomplished Work


Field trip to B&Q

This semester, one of our most important projects to teach students about the design process is to have them design, blueprint, and construct their own chair. In addition, this is also the first step to helping students understand the connection between respect for school property and personal property. By giving students the opportunity to customize and construct their own chairs, they'll most likely take good care of their hard-work and develop the habit of taking good care of things in their surroundings.

這學期,我們最重要的專案項目之一就是教給學生有關設計程序的知識,藉此讓他們設計、建構藍圖,並建造自己的椅子。 此外,這也是幫助學生了解對學校資產的尊重以及不尊重所需付出的後果之間的關係。通過給學生機會來定制與建造自己的椅子,他們更可能會好好照珍惜自己辛勤工作的成果,同時養成養護好周圍環境的習慣。
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A trip to the science museum

A trip to the science museum, where we made vibration telephones and tried a bunch of science related games.
We learned a bit about science, did some hands-on activities, and most importantly, had fun!
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VIS Junior High Halloween Night

Halloween is a time of fun, candy, tricks, and scary scary stories! Here's one for you to think about...

What happened after the story of Romeo and Juliet ended? What if they came back to life? And made people into zombies? And infected half the world? What would that story look like? Thanks to our Junior High students, you don't have to wonder anymore!

Brought to you by VIS Junior High, a 100% student written story and script, with backgrounds, sound, props, and effects that were wholly student created, using skills, software, and knowledge learned in class, "Romeo and Juliet: Underworld"!!!


您是否有曾經想過羅密歐與朱麗葉雙雙殉情後,故事就真的結束了嗎? 若是他們復活了? 甚至變成了喪屍? 並感染了世界一半的人口? 這會是一個怎麼樣的故事呢? 多虧了我們的學生,您不必在自己想像!

VIS 國中部帶給您 「羅密歐與朱麗葉後傳:人間地獄」,100%學生原創的話劇,不論是劇本、投影背景、以及道具和音效,皆由學生透過課堂中所習得的知識、技術和軟體創造而成!!!

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Happy Birthday Da'an Junior High

Da'an Junior High's Anniversary was great fun and a great success. VIS Junior High students performed admirably as well! The experience was educational, helped us grow, and most importantly was fun and interesting for the students.

Happy Birthday Da'an. See you again next year!

大安國中的校慶辦得有聲有色且充滿歡樂的氣氛。 VIS國中部的學生也表現得很出色! 這次的經歷富有教育意義,有助於我們學生的成長。更為重要的是,這次的活動因為很有趣, 所以學生都很感興趣且積極參與。 

VIS 祝大安國中生日快樂!


VIS Junior High Thanks Xmas !!

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, especially for all the things and towards all the people that help us grow and mature each and every day. 

We often take people for granted in our day to day, forgetting the care, time, and attention that they give to us each and everyday. In recognition of these people, VIS Junior High wanted to have a special event in which the students were responsible for doing the work, and in which our parents and elders could have a turn in enjoying the fruits of the effort.
We spent a morning baking our appetizer bread, and an evening doing the prep work and cooking for a special ThanksX'mas dinner for our Junior High parents and friends. We also spent some weeks planning, practicing, and filming special messages of thanks and telling stories of specific experiences in which we were thankful for our parents' care and help. 

Once again, Junior High would like to thank our parents for all that they do for us. The Junior High teaching team also extends a big "thank you" to our parents for giving us the opportunity to work and grow with your lovely kids! 



VIS Junior High Design Process Hands-ON:The Catapult !!

The Junior High Catapult Challenge combined multiple skills and knowledge areas that we worked on this semester, from image manipulation software, math, history, to crafts, in addition to the design process, planning strategies, and teamwork and communication skills.

This activity presented many difficulties and challenges, both academic and social, but everyone got through it alive and more mature as a result!

Good job kids, your continued improvement and growth is what we work so hard for!