Summer Program

VIS 2020暑期學分課程


  1. 110 hours ESL academic prerequisite course
  2. All participating students will register for the Ontario student status in Canada, complete and pass and pass 1 Ontario high school credit
  3. Bark Lake Leader Camp
  4. Canoeing, swimming, climbing, hiking, stargazing, campfire party, overnight cabins, etc.
  5. Go to the important attractions in the UNESCO World Heritage List: Niagara Falls, Toronto CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto Zoo
  6. Visit the University of Toronto, McMaster University, etc.
  7. Medieval Dinner & Wonderful Battle of Knights
  8. Watch the Toronto Blue Jays baseball game in person
  9. Talent show talent show
  10. Meet new friends from all over the world

VIS 2019加拿大夥伴學校CIC暑期學分班

VIS 2019暑期學分班@夥伴學校CIC

VIS 2019暑期學分班@柏麗湖Bark Lake

VIS 2019暑期學分班@Ed Silver Bark Lake公爵